Mountune beefs up Fiesta ST

Originally Published: July 2019

Ford's baby hot hatch gains power – through a smartphone app

The Mk8 Fiesta ST has picked up where the Mk7 version left off, namely claiming the lower league hot hatch sector for its own and being one of the best cars to drive on sale today. But as with the old Mk7 ST, performance specialists, Mountune, have decided that the car is missing something…

In an attempt to improve the ST further, Mountune has released the m225 package that takes your Fiesta up from the paltry 197bhp to a stonking 222bhp. Lovely. And do you want to know the best part? Not only is this covered under warranty by Ford dealers, as was the case with the Mk7, but you can make the changes via your very own smartphone.

Alongside the power upgrade, Mountune has launched the mTune SMARTflash app, meaning you can program your car and gain horsepower within minutes. Imagine explaining that to your nan! Explaining the concept to her may not reap any understanding, but if you plonk her in the passenger seat and blast off on a 0-60mph sprint, she’ll be able to tell you’ve shaved over half a second off the stock time and can now hit 60 in under 6.0 seconds. And you'll be able to tell that you’ve forgotten the incontinence pads.

The most impressive thing here, though, is the increase in torque, with an additional 36lbf.ft of grunt to play with, which has cut the Ford’s in-gear time by a full second when propelling from 31mph to 62mph.

Included in the package is a high-flow induction kit, the SMARTflash app and EVI Bluetooth OBD adapter to go with it, plus you’ll get three different modes to switch between on your smartphone. Performance mode gives you maximum attack, whilst Stock returns the vehicle to regular factory settings. The final mode is Anti-Theft that simply immobilises the vehicle. A handy feature given that you’ll be the envy of every petrolhead on the road.

That is unless you decide not to utilise the little Mountune badge that’s included…

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